Peep Show star Robert Webb on his brand-new book and TV show Back

Comedian Robert Webb on his brand new book and TV show Back

Robert Webb revealed more about his book

Monday, September 4, 2017

Comedian and actor Robert Webb has revealed more about his new TV show and explained the real story behind his new book.

Webb, who teamed up with David Mitchell to create cult sitcom Peep Show and sketch show That Mitchell and Webb Look, has written a book entitled How Not To Be A Boy and joined Paul Ross and Carole Malone to explain why.

He told Paul Ross: "It felt like all the stuff you were supposed to do as a boy was a bit of a tight fit. You know, they were supposed to be good at football and swimming and love nothing more than maths and science and PE.

"[Boys are] supposed to be rather climbing a tree than reading a book and they were meant to be cheeky and cajoling and boisterous and I was almost completely silent.

"I wanted to write about that and I thought that a memoir would be the best way to approach it."

The stars says he finds writing books "a bit more laid back, it’s like TV but more knitwear and more extendable deadlines."

The actor is also appearing in a new TV sitcom called Back and revealed that his character Andrew invades "Steven’s [Mitchell's] family life and takes it over and makes his world a complete misery."

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