Penny Smith's Book Club: Kimberley Chambers on her book 'Backstabber'

Penny Smith's book club: Kimberley Chambers on her book 'Backstabber'

The best-selling author has a new book out called Backstabber (Credit: Twitter: @thebookseller)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Best-selling author Kimberley Chambers popped into the studio on Saturday for a chat with Penny Smith. 

Chambers has a new book out, Backstabber, which serves as the conclusion to the concurrent Butler and Mitchell series.

In an extended interview with our host, Chambers discussed the latest addition to the series and her career.

"I started with The Trap about four or five years ago," she told Penny. "It was going to be a standalone, but as I was coming to the end, I thought that I liked these characters. 

"So I slowed it down and came out with the sequels, now this one."

Listen above.