Pensioner jailed for shooting dead six-year-old great-grandson

Stanley Metcalf was killed in July last year

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

A 78-year-old man has been jailed for three years after he shot dead his great-grandson with an unlicensed air rifle.

Albert Grannon was checking the .22 calibre weapon at his home in East Yorkshire last July when it went off and hit six-year-old Stanley Metcalf in the stomach.

Sheffield Crown Court heard the boy said “you shot me granddad” after the gun fired.

Grannon originally told police Stanley was hit with a ricochet while he was checking the gun was empty.

But prosecutor John Elvidge said experts had shown the rifle was discharged directly into the boy’s stomach.

Stanley’s mother, Jenny Dees, said her grandfather is yet to apologise.

“Not once did he say sorry. Now if he did, it would be meaningless - too little, too late,” she said.

She said she originally felt sorry for Grannon, but she doesn’t “feel sorry for him now”.

Stanley's mother Jenny Dees and father Andrew Metcalf were in court

During sentencing the judge said: “You ended a young life and you brought lifelong grief and misery to his parents and to the whole of his family.”

“What you did was obviously a very dangerous thing to do. Why on Earth did you do it?”

Grannon was silent during sentencing.

The court heard Grannon’s extended family had been divided by the incident.

Relatives sat in the court as the sentence was passed, and one woman shouted “love you Dad”.

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