'People accept armed officers on holiday - why not in the UK?' asks former chief constable

'People accept armed officers on holiday, so they shouldn't be concerned in the UK', says former chief constable

The Metropolitan Police Federation are surveying their officers

Monday, January 9, 2017

People travel to other countries with armed police and aren't concerned, so they shouldn't be worried if officers carry weapons in their own country.

That's the view of former chief constable Tom Lloyd, who spoke to talkRADIO about a new survey from the Police Federation which asks officers whether they believe they should be routinely armed with guns or tasers.

Lloyd told Sam Delaney: “I’m not advocating every officer being armed, what I’m saying is we might have to start considering these things.

“It could be that we’re going to be faced with a terrible incident, and that will sharpen the minds of everybody."

Lloyd added that, when people go on holiday "they are walking amongst routinely armed officers - I don’t see people not going to those countries because they’re concerned."

However former police detective superintendent Albert Kirby, who also appeared on Sam's show, said: "To have a police officer walking down the street I would suggest is something the public don’t want to see 

“If they have the assurances that the police service have the ability to cope with that, that will appease most people," he added. “Not every part of the country is full of individuals that potentially need to have firearms used against them."

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