'People exaggerate the influence of UKIP', says former MP

'People exaggerate when talking about how influential and popular UKIP are', says former MP

Paul Nuttall

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

People exaggerate the influence and popularity of UKIP, says journalist and former MP Tom Harris.

Harris was speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer after Paul Nuttall was elected the new UKIP leader, and vowed to replace the Labour party as "the patriotic voice of working people."

Former Scottish Labour Party politician Harris told Julia that the threat "could be serious" however "people exaggerate just how influential and popular" UKIP are.

The Labour party need the Brexit process to "take a long as possible to give them time to sort out what they actually think," Harris added. "They’re saying the right things one week but a week later they’re saying we must stay in the single market."

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