People fall for joke tweet claiming Donald Trump ballot papers were ripped up

People fall for joke tweet claiming Trump ballot papers have been ripped up

Some people thought votes cast for Donald Trump were being ripped up (Getty)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Apparently a postal worker in Ohio has been ripping up absentee ballot papers casting votes for Donald Trump.

Or so people thought, when they read a tweet from @randygdub, The Daily Beast reported.

Many Twitter users were outraged at the thought of this happening.

Even blogger Gateway Pundit wrote an article about the scandal and radio host Rush Limbaugh spoke about the scandal. But it was later revealed the Twitter user is not ripping up ballot papers.

In fact, he's not even a postal worker. When The Daily Beast asked him to confirm this was his occupation, his response was "lol no".

Many were then outraged that he thought this joke was ok to make. Jim Hoft, the author of Gateway Pundit, claimed Twitter should consider banning the user.