People love Jeremy Corbyn and he can lead Labour to victory, says MP Peter Dowd

'Jeremy Corbyn does instil confidence in people and Labour can win the next general election', says MP Peter Dowd

Jeremy Corbyn continues to receive widespread criticism

Friday, December 30, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn continues to enjoy a huge amount of support and people should get behind him, says Labour MP Peter Dowd. 

Corbyn continues to receive heavy criticism, with even his New Year message being turned against him by critics.

However Bootle MP Dowd, a long-stand Labour MP, told James Whale: “This idea that [Jeremy Corbyn] doesn’t instil confidence, is effectively saying 30% of the population [who support him] is irrelevant.

“I’ve listened to Jeremy Corbyn on many occasions and every word that he says is hung upon by many people. We’ve got 600-odd thousand members of the Labour party so he clearly instils confidence in many people."

James argued that not all of the Labour members support Corbyn, but Dowd believes it's time for the party to get fully behind its leader.

He said: “The Labour Party are the best party for this country, that’s what I firmly believe. I believe we’ve got a chance of winning the next general election if we pull together and stop getting distracted by personality politics."

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