People 'moaning' about Brexit deal need to 'calm down', says Paul Scully MP

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

People complaining about a Brexit deal need to “calm down” and “read the details” once it is published, says a Conservative MP.

It follows the reports that a “technical” deal has been agreed with the EU, with Theresa May meeting individual members of the cabinet to go through the so-called divorce bill.



Paul Scully, Vice Chair for London and MP for Sutton and Cheam, told Mike Graham that people were "moaning" about a deal that hasn’t even been published yet.

“Well people who are moaning about the deal they don’t like need to read it first because it hasn’t even published yet,” he said.

“People need to calm down, keep their heads and actually read the details, as MPs it’s come from the rumour mill across the channel to us. When we get something in black and white, people are going to be looking to us to actually read it, get the detail and put it across to them.”

In a reported leak by RTE, the deal would leave the UK in a customs arrangement with the EU and “break up the union” according to some Brexiteers.


Arlene Foster: Deal would makes the union 'economically weaker'

DUP leader Arlene Foster criticised the supposed deal, saying it would make the union “economically weaker” and cut Northern Ireland adrift from the rest of the United Kingdom.

But Mr Scully said that everything is just “coulds” and “shoulds” and not “this is what is going to happen.”

“I think just reading what Arlene Foster put out last night, she was saying it could be this, again it’s only coulds and should, rather than this is what is going to happen,” he added.



“I don’t know how much or how many conversations they’ve had in detail of what’s been agreed or what might be agreed in advance. So, I think she’s [Theresa May] got an incredibly tricky task ahead of her and she’s done well to get to this point, it’s a seemingly impossible to keep everyone happy including the DUP. The Northern Ireland border we’ve managed to get stuck on something that we thought would be fine 18 months ago, and it really has escalated.”

There’s been suggestions that if the cabinet can’t agree to the Prime Minister’s deal, she could face calls to resign.

Mr Scully suggested that a change in leadership during such a pivotal moment in the Brexit negotiations could cause more issues.


'Going to be a tricky situation'

"It’s going to be a tricky situation, but to be fair just changing leaders isn’t going to change much of the situation. If you think it through you’ve still got the same parliamentary arithmetic, you can’t just reopen a whole negotiation.”

“We’ve got the complications of our leadership system which means people put letters in, you have to have no confidence, and there’s no way half of the half party are going to no confidence Theresa May which means she will be in the next year.

“If she does go in the next couple of days you’ve got to open a competition, that means we as the Conservative party will be talking amongst ourselves about our leader over the next month or two at the crucial point where people of this country just want us to get on and get the best deal possible.”