Pepsi, Sean Spicer, United Airlines: The best #OffendEveryoneIn4Words tweets

'I Hate The Beatles' - Twitter reacts to #OffendEveryoneIn4Words trend

Twitter is having its say on the latest controversies with an interesting trend

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Those twitterers can be incredibly creative, particularly when they've got plenty of news material to chew over.

Today the world's keyboard wags and warriors have been getting their teeth into a trio of controversies - Sean Spicer's comments about Hitler, Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ad and United Airlines' ongoing PR woes.

Their weapon of choice has been the #OffendEveryoneIn4Words hashtag, which has shot to the top of the trending charts.

There have been some...interesting...responses, to say the least.

See them here: