PETA's calls to rename village of Wool 'clearly not going to happen', says local councillor


Friday, November 23, 2018

A councillor in the Dorset village of Wool has said calls by PETA to change the town's name to 'Vegan Wool' were "quite funny" but "clearly not going to happen".

Laura Miller, a district councillor for Wool, described the animal rights group's campaign as "creative", but said the town wasn't interested in "grabbing headlines".

"They [PETA] wrote to our parish clerk earlier this week. Let's be honest it's a very creative campaign, it's clearly not going to happen but we've got a sense of humour. It is quite funny," Ms Miller told talkRADIO's Mike Graham.



The councillor added that the origin of the town's name had nothing to do with shearing sheep, undermining PETA's claims that the name promoted animal cruelty.

"The origins of the name Wool stems from the Saxon word well, because Wool's actually built around a lot of water springs so it's actually got nothing to do with sheep at all," Ms Miller said.

She explained that it was necessary to shear sheep from a welfare perspective, and that trading in real wool for plastic fleeces, as PETA have suggested, would be less environmentally friendly.

"I'd like to see the air miles and sustainability and carbon footprint around that versus some local wool made into a jumper just down the road," she said.