Peter Andre on Greece, getting the cane and 'Between Us'

Peter Andre on Greece, 'Between Us' and getting the cane

The star revealed more about his current projects

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Singer and reality star Peter Andre joined Paul Ross and revealed all about his new book, new TV show and his trip to Greece.

The Mysterious Girl singer, who also starred in I'm A Celebrity, told talkRADIO what's in his new book, Between Us,  which follows on from his reality show Peter Andre: My Life.

Andre saw the programme as a kind of home video, and said that even his children like to watch his new show.

The Greek-Cypriot star is also creating a new series named A Greek Odyssey following his small tour around the country, which he described as a "dream job".

He also told Paul Ross he got the cane at school when he didn't abide by the rules.

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