Peter Bone MP claims Philip Hammond is the 'king of Brexit'

Peter Bone

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Conservative MP Peter Bone referred to the chancellor of the exchequer as the "king of Brexit" during a meeting at the House of Commons.

During Prime Minister's Questions, Mr Bone said he "always thought" Philip Hammond was "a bit iffy about Brexit", but added that he was "wrong".

His comments followed the announcement of the 2018 Autumn Budget on Monday, in which £500 million of additional funding for departments to prepare for Brexit in 2019/20 was revealed.

"This week he [Mr Hammond] announced a Brexit dividend budget if we come out of the EU with no-deal. He will be able to cut tariffs, abolish VAT on certain products, and reallocated the £39 billion that he was going to give to the EU to this country, cutting taxes, improving public services and lowering debt," Mr Bone said.



Turning to Theresa May, he added: "Prime Minister, I always thought you could be the queen of Brexit, but did you ever think the chancellor could be the king of Brexit?".

Ms May responded by saying she was "pleased to see the support" shown for the chancellor."

Mr Bone's comments have caused confusion among some political commentators.

One Twitter user wrote: "So the biggest unanswered question from PMQs is... was Peter Bone attempting sarcasm with his claim that Hammond was the new “King of Brexit”...?".

Mr Bone is a staunch Brexiteer, and famously slept in the Houses of Parliament with Christopher Chope MP, proposing 73 pieces of legislation between them, including suggesting making the day Britain leaves the EU a bank holiday.