Peter Bone MP: Extending Article 50 would the ‘greatest mistake’ for Theresa May

Peter Bone MP: Extending Article 50 would the ‘greatest mistake’ for Theresa May

Pro-Brexit protesters outside the Houses of Parliament.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Conservative MP Peter Bone has said that extending Article 50 would be the “greatest mistake” for Theresa May because the current March 29 deadline makes the EU “think very carefully” about their position.

Mr Bone, a member of the Exiting the EU Committee, told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “That would be the greatest mistake, extending Article 50 because if you extend any deadline in the EU – they will say ‘thank you very much’ and then they won’t do anything closer to the new deadline.

“The one thing the Prime Minister is actually right about is that you must not extend the deadline.

“March 29 is the date and the fact that the deadline is there will make the EU think very carefully.

“After all, they want our £39bn and they won’t get that if we come out without a deal.

“So that will concentrate their minds because the worst thing for the country is to extend Article 50.”


'Imminently sensible'

The MP for Wellingborough added that no-deal Brexit would “get this over and done with”.

“We must have certainty and we must get this over and done with,” he said.

“A no-deal Brexit does just that. All the red lines the Prime Minister put down – a no-deal Brexit delivers all those.”

As the Prime Minister’s government narrowly survived a no-confidence vote on Wednesday night, Mrs May is set to meet with various party leaders in the hopes of creating a consensus on Brexit.

“It seems to me imminently sensible that that is what the Prime Minister should now tell the EU,” he said.

“If she came to Parliament on Monday and said that is what we are going to do, all the 111 Leave MPs who voted against her deal this week would support her again.”