Peter Hain says Brexiteers are living in fantasy land

Peter Hain said Brexiteers are guilty of deluding themselves

Julia clashed with Peter Hain on her show this morning

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Julia Hartley-Brewer had a fiery clash with Peter Hain on her show this morning after the EU imposed a series of dire threats on the UK.

Brussels has warned that it will unilaterally ground flights, impose tariffs on exports and deny access to the EU's financial markets if Britain breaches the terms of its post-Brexit transition agreement.

Hain, a former Labour minister and keen Remainer, accused our presenter of regurtitating "lurid tabloid-type headlines" by emphasising the scale of the threats, adding that as "people like you voted to leave the European Union to get rid of their rules, then you've got to face up with the consequences.

"What I find about Brexiteers, what I find is that they deny reality."

In response, Julia said she was happy to have voted Leave given the EU's heavy-handed tactics, adding that it was "a nonsense" to suggest that the economies of countries like France could survive if flights from Britain were suspended.

'Northern Ireland could return to chaos'

Hain, who served as Northern Ireland secretary in the last Labour government, also said the only way to avoid a fresh nightmare in the troubled province is to ensure Britain stays in the customs union.

The peer said Northern Ireland was the "achilles heel" of the right-wing hard Brexit case, as there's no way the border can remain open unless Britain retains customs union access.


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