Peter Hitchens tells George Galloway: 'Trump reminds me of Princess Diana'

Peter Hitchens tells George Galloway: 'Trump reminds me of Princess Diana'

Monday, July 16, 2018

Peter Hitchens compared Donald Trump to Princess Diana and said the EU referendum was like “independence via Harry Potter” in a phone interview with George Galloway.

Appearing on The Mother Of All Talk Shows, the columnist and Eurosceptic revealed his unique take on Brexit.

“Although it’s rank bad manners how Donald Trump behaves, what he said to the Sun then denounced as fake news was correct: Theresa May’s Brexit won’t wash,” said Galloway.

“It isn’t Brexit at all, it isn’t what people voted for.”

It soon became clear that Hitchens had some quite different ideas on what Brexit should be about.

‘I’m not bothered if we don’t make a US trade deal’

“I’m one of the longest-standing opponents of British membership of the European Union, and my objections have always been along the lines of it being the ultimate threat to very particular possessions of this country - legal system, its ability to govern itself in general - and not economic,” he said.

“The whole of the discussion about the exit of this country from the European Union seems to have been taken over by economic and trade matters, which to be frank I’m completely uninterested in… I don’t think I’d be bothered if we can’t make a special trade deal with the United States. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about anyway, we already do an enormous amount of trade with the US and that isn’t going to stop.”

Theresa May’s Brexit bill, he suggested, was a way of exerting power.

“As for Mrs May’s plan nobody could be enthusiastic about it, but I am well aware that negotiations are a matter of power, and Britain doesn’t have that much power to assert itself as a wholly sovereign superpower type country.

“I was against the referendum and took no part in it, people imagined this was independence via Harry Potter, the waving of a magic wand and the incantation of a spell and suddenly reality was suspended.”

Trump ‘cunning’

Galloway then asked what he thought about Donald Trump and Putin’s summit in Helsinki, and again, the answer was surprising.

“He reminds me of another major political figure who didn’t really have an examination of results to rub together, who couldn’t read or didn’t read, who knew very little history, but was fantastically superlatively cunning, and that other person is of course Princess Diana,” he said.

“Similarly, she had none of the supposed qualifications, but she could run rings around any politician you cared to name, and so can he.

“It’s cunning rather than knowledge that does it; I think he’s a fairly crude person, what he’s been doing in Europe is all aimed at his own political strength.

“Britain has nothing to offer Donald Trump, we’re just a stage on which he can cavort.”

Russian election interference ‘fantasy’

Hitchens also dismissed the allegations that Russia had interfered in the 2016 US election (a day after he spoke to Galloway, 12 Russians were indicted in the US as part of the investigation into alleged election rigging).

“I do think the widespread belief among American liberals that Donald Trump’s election was contrived by the Russians is the Democrats’ equivalent of the claim by Donald Trump that Obama wasn’t really American,” he said.

“It’s a fantasy they have to believe because they can’t get around the fact they lost the election.”