‘Peter Pan Nanny’ jailed for sexually abusing children

Alexander Philo-Steele has been jailed for 14 years

Friday, July 26, 2019

A male 'nanny' who advertised himself as 'Peter Pan' has been jailed for 14 year for sexually assaulting children as young as six.

Alexander Philo-Steele was sentenced to 12 years in jail with an extension period of two years at Kingston Crown Court after being convicted in May.

Philo-Steele showed no remorse during his trial and blamed the parents and authorities for "influencing" his victims.

The 36-year-old was first arrested in 2003 after befriending a six-year-old boy at a birthday party, taking him back to his flat and sexually abusing him.

The case was dismissed due to a lack of evidence but was reopened in 2018 after more victims came forward.

Last year he sexually assaulted boys aged six and seven and was arrested in October 2018.

The Crown Prosecution Service and investigating officers DC Davison and Detective Constable Gemma Penny were comended by by the judge for their work.

DC Davison praised the victim's mothers who testified in court showing "great bravery throughout" and encouraged other victims to come forward.

“We hope the result today encourages anyone else who may have been a victim of Philo-Steele to come forward and speak to us," she said. "They will be treated with sensitivity and in absolute confidence.”

Philo-Steele, from Earls Court, in west London, advertised his childminding services online.

"I am a fully trained and experienced male nanny. I specialise in early years care, education and development," one advert stated.

"I excel at providing high standards of attentive care. I am described as nurturing, reassuring and supportive."

Philo-Steele was found guilty of nine counts of sexual assault of a child aged under 13 and two counts of assault of a child aged under 13 by penetration.

Anyone with information on Philo-Steele should ring police on 101.

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