Petition to reinstate George Galloway to Labour Party gathering pace

Galloway is one of Tony Blair's fiercest critics

George Galloway was expelled in 2003 over his criticism of the Iraq war

Friday, August 4, 2017

A petition to reinstate talkRADIO presenter George Galloway to the Labour Party continues to gather pace, as supporters call for Jeremy Corbyn to bring back the left-wing firebrand.

The petition, created just two weeks ago, now has over 3,600 signatures, with founder Penelope Jones promising to present it to Labour Party secretary Iain McNicol.

Galloway was expelled from Labour in 2003 after fiercely criticising then-leader Tony Blair over the Iraq War. He has since founded his own political party, Respect, and stood for Parliament as an independent.

However supporters feel that Corbyn, himself a staunch left-winger closely aligned with Galloway on issues such as Brexit, Palestine and a united Ireland, will be sympathetic to calls for his former colleague's reinstatement.

The petition reads: "The convoluted charges against [Galloway] no longer stand, as history has born out his opposition to the invasion of Iraq and his belief that there were no weapons of mass destruction.

"His continued ban is entirely unfair and he should be reinstated immediately.

"George Galloway is a man of truth, honour and principle. He has faithfully stood by the Party and by his word since his unfair expulsion 14yrs ago. 

"If proof were needed of his honesty then there is ample evidence in the bearing out of all his opposition to the war, which he put directly, openly and honestly to then PM and Labour leader Tony Blair, to Labour and to the country in 2003."

Galloway has spoken on talkRADIO about his desire to return to Labour, and repeatedly suggested that Corbyn is a Prime Minister-in-waiting.