Petition starts to save Muppet, the dog which attacked four people during Storm Doris

Petition starts to save dog which attacked four people during Storm Doris

Muppet escaped from its home with another dog

Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Midlands police force has been widely criticised for planning to put down a dog which attacked four people during Storm Doris.

The dog, named Muppet, was seized in February this year. Now Northamptonshire Police has filed an application for a civil destruction order.

Muppet had ran away from its home in Duston with another dog named Phoebe as heavy wind and rain hit the UK, according to ITV.

The dogs bit four people who then all needed medical attention.

Police said that officers ran over one of the dogs to stop it continuing its rampage, while Phoebe was shot dead at the scene. 

Officers were also forced to protect a man who had a baby in a pushchair as well as a school pupil.

However Facebook users have been posting their outrage about Muppet possibly being killed online. One said the dog ought to be allowed rehabilitation, whilst another dubbed it an "appalling decision."

A petition has also now started to stop Muppet being put down.

Northamptonshire Police sergeant Liam O’NeilI has said: “Letting the dog back was not an option. There were too many victims for this to be considered a safe option.”

There will be a hearing in October to decide what should happen with Muppet the dog.