'Philip Hammond would only budget for no-deal Brexit to satisfy crazy Tory extremists'

'Philip Hammond would only budget for no deal Brexit to satisfy crazy far-extremist elements in Government'

Philip Hammond has been criticised for not planning for no deal Brexit

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The only reason Philip Hammond would put money aside for a no-deal Brexit would be to satisfy "crazy far-extremist elements in the Conservative Party Government," according to a political commentator.

The Chancellor has said money won't be spent on preparing for a no-deal Brexit until the last moment as he doesn't want to remove money from important areas just to send a message to the European Union. But some MPs have called for billions to be set aside to cope with the prospect of no agreement at the end of the Brexit negotiations.

Rupert Myers, political correspondent for GQ magazine, told Sam Delaney the EU knows the UK going for no deal is a bluff "therefore why would we waste billions of pounds or tie up billions of pounds in something that we’re never ever going to do?

"We’d only be doing it to satisfy the crazy far-extremist elements in the Conservative Party Government but I suppose that’s why we’ve been doing everything else, so perhaps we will do it."

He also claims "there is no gap between what Theresa May said and what Philip Hammond said" and he "doesn't want to pre-empt the possible collapse of the negotiations and waste a lot of money.

"He [Hammond] is being criticised for basically having a rational assessment of where we are."

Myers believes "since about 1992 Europe has basically been a story about the Conservative Party’s internal management. I think since then basically everything that’s happened has also been about Tory Party internal management."

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