Photo of child covered in ice after walk to school in China sparks donations

This photo has gone viral and prompted a flood of sympathy

This photo has gone viral and prompted a flood of sympathy

Friday, January 12, 2018

A photo of a boy from China arriving at school covered in ice has sparked mass donations to his primary school.

Wang Fuman has been nicknamed "ice boy" after photos were uploaded online showing him with ice in his hair and chapped swollen hands, according to Channel News Asia.

It is claimed his school also has no heating system due a lack of funds. But now reports say around 17 million yuan (£1.9 million) has been donated by the public to help the school, after the photo sparked a debate over child poverty.

The photo was taken by a teacher at his school in the Yunnan province, who has claimed it takes him more than an hour to get there. The temperature on the day was reportedly -9 degrees celsius.

Despite the increase in donations, some have claimed it was wrong to use the boy to raise awareness of the issue of child poverty in China as he has appeared in many news reports in the country.

He told The Paper, which is based in Shanghai: "The journey to school is cold, but it's not hard!"

The child also said that when he's older he wants to "be a police officer to fight the bad guys."

But China Daily has also reported that the child's father has been given a job at a construction company.

President Xi Jinping has claimed he will eradicate rural poverty by 2020 and wants to create a "moderately prosperous society."