In photos: Brexit and austerity protestors hit the streets of Manchester at Tory conference

Protests took place in Manchester over Brexit and austerity
A woman dressed as Theresa May
Even young children took part in the protest
A model against Brexit was unveiled
The austerity protest also called for extra NHS funding
Crowds are seen protesting against Brexit
The Conservatives were called a travelling circus by protesters
Dogs became part of the protest

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Thousands gathered to protest against Brexit and austerity as the Conservative Party conference started in Manchester yesterday (October 1).

Those taking part in the Stop Brexit protest were calling for another referendum, according to The Independent.

Many remainers chanted "b*llocks to Brexit" whilst others sang songs which were led by someone dressed up as Boris Johnson - who, for some reason, had an inflatable pony.

Meanwhile another protest, by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity, also took place in Manchester as the Tories' opponents made their feelings clear.

Those taking part were calling for the Tories to be removed from office, with some chanting “Oh Jeremy Corbyn."

There was even a bizarre model of May, Johnson and other leading figures. But we're not quite sure how to describe that one.

Greater Manchester Police have deployed an extra 1,000 officers in a security effort around the conference, in an operation costing £2 million.

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