In photos: Devastation already caused by Hurricane Maria as it heads towards America

A damaged road is seen in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Father and daughter at what remains of their house
Locals travel through floodwaters left by Hurricane Maria
People wait for repairs to gas, electrical and water grids
Power lines were affected by Hurricane Maria
A house completely destroyed by the hurricane
The Guajataka River Dam was damaged in the storm
A man is helped up after collecting water from a river

A man rides his bike along after Hurricane Maria

Monday, September 25, 2017

Hurricane Maria has already devastated the Caribbean and it looks like it's now heading towards the East Coast of America.

It is thought North Carolina could be the next area to be badly hit by the storm tomorrow morning (September 26), according to CNN.

However it is not expected to make landfall at the moment and instead should pass along the coast.

Meteorologist Tim Armstrong has said 25 people have been rescued from the effects of strong currents in the Carolinas, while Matt Doherty, a mayor in New Jersey, reported that a further 35 people have been rescued in that state.

Hurricane Maria has already passed across the Caribbean and caused much destruction. Indeed, last week the Prime Minister of Dominica said the country has been “brutalised and devastated.”

The storm was classified as category five when it hit the island, but downgraded to four as it moved away.

It then hit Puerto Rico on Wednesday (September 20) and millions were left without power. Locals have now described scenes on the island as "apocalyptic."

The storm then hit Turks and Caicos as a category 3 hurricane with winds of up to 125 mph. It also caused flooding.

So far the storm has killed at least 31 people. Take a look at the damage caused by the storm so far in the gallery above.