Photos emerge of Jeremy Corbyn meeting Hamas members on trip he didn't declare

New photos emerge of Jeremy Corbyn meeting Hamas members

Image: Middle East Monitor/i24 News

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

New photographs of Jeremy Corbyn meeting members of Hamas have emerged, as well as the fact that he did not declare a trip in the Commons register.

The 2010 visit to Israel and the West Bank was funded by Middle East Monitor, a Palestine-focused media organisation, and, according to a declaration by Labour MP Andrew Slaughter, who also went on the trip, it cost £927.

The rules at the time stated MPs had to declare externally-funded trips costing more than £660.

Corbyn has been reported to parliament’s ethics watchdog over the trip, and has also been reported for his 2014 Tunisia visit where he was pictured holding a wreath near the graves of terror group members.


Members of Hamas

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During the 2010 trip to the West Bank, Corbyn and Slaughter met with Ahmad Attoun, Khaled Abu-Arafah and Muhammad Totah (pictured above). All three sit on the Palestinian Legislative Council and are known members of Hamas.

The MPs met them in a Red Cross compound in Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem, where they were staging a sit-in over the fact that Israeli authorities wanted to remove them from the city.

According to a report on US-Palestinian news site The Electronic Intifada, Attoun had his Jerusalem residency permit revoked in 2006, and was arrested in October 2011. He was deported from Jerusalem the following month.

Totah and Abu-Arafah were arrested in 2012, and deported the following year. They were also sentenced to 30 months in Israeli jail, but were released after 24 months, according to a Hamas website.

Corbyn also met with Palestinians who had been forcibly removed from their homes, according to a report by Middle East Monitor.

The details of the trip were first uncovered by Israeli news station i24.


'A further example of Corbyn’s apparent indulgence of extremists'

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Conservative MP Andrew Percy, who referred the matter to parliamentary commissioner for standards Kathryn Stone, told the Times: “Whether the trip was properly declared or not, this visit was a further example of Mr Corbyn’s apparent indulgence of extremists such as Hamas.

“We are repeatedly told that these visits are to promote peace but in truth they do the exact opposite by giving credibility to the most extreme elements of just one side of this conflict.”

Labour MP Chris Williamson has defended Corbyn, telling talkRADIO: “You’ve been duped by the Daily Mail. He’s spent his life fighting anti-Semitism and other forms of racism, he’s a man of peace.”

Labour has complained to press regulator IPSO over the coverage of Corbyn in Tunisia.