In photos: Flooding causes chaos for local people in India

Residents try to get through floodwater to access relief materials
A boat is transported to help people in the village of Shehagori
Children in Udaynarayanpur travel on a makeshift raft
Victims of the flood queue for relief materials
A man continues to ride his bike despite the water
Hindu monks bring in food donations
The Indian army take flood victims to safety
Villagers travel along damaged railway tracks in the Godha village

Taken in Udaynarayanpur

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Flooding in India has caused major problems in the country and resulted in the deaths of at least 218 people.

More than 80,000 people have been moved to safer areas after heavy rains caused the huge floods.

The worst hit area is the state of Banaskantha, where 61 lives were lost, news website India reported.

Eighteen people in the state of Odisha and three in Jharkhand state were killed due to lightning.

Rain is expected to decrease gradually, but it is still expected to affect recovery efforts in areas such as the state of Gujarat.

On Tuesday (August 1) Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the city of Guwahati and held a flood review meeting.

He later announced funding for states in north-east India affected by the floods.

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