In photos: Flooding near Athens causes devastation

Areas near Athens have been severely flooded
A road completely destroyed by flooding
Children splash through the floodwater
A woman looks in despair at flood damage
A coach is seen on higher ground whilst other vehicles have been submerged
A man attempts to get in a car about to be stuck in floodwater
People in the streets walk through the dirty floodwater
A car is lifted from the road in Mandra
Damaged vehicles are piled on streets

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sixteen people have died due to flooding in Athen and the Greek Prime Minister has declared an official period of mourning.

A further 20 people have been injured due to the flooding, which was prompted by intense rain on Wednesday.

It has most severely affected the towns of Nea Peramos, Mandra and Megara, according to The Telegraph, and has been described as the worst flooding the area has seen in 20 years.

The deputy mayor of Nea Peramos described seeing "millions of tonnes" of water flowing down the mountains and claims roads are destroyed, while 1,000 homes have been flooded.

However the Prime Minister’s office said on Thursday that 87 people have been successfully rescued from difficult positions and the army is working to help those who are homeless.

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