In photos: Istanbul floods leave scores stranded after two hours of lightning

Bayrampasa Metro Station has been flooded
Cars are stuck in floodwaters on a street
Some people are stuck in minibuses
Some try to travel through the floodwaters
Some use wooden panels to cross a flooded street
Streets are submerged in water
Some streets appear to look more like rivers
People contemplate how best to move around wth luggage

People look on and take photos of the scene

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Torrential rain has brought flooding to Istanbul in Turkey and many have had to swim to safety.

Two hours of lightning hit the city before the onset of heavy rain which caused most of the flooding, according to Reuters. Many roads and public transport systems were affected.

CNN Turk reported that there were more than 6,700 lightning bolts in Istanbul. It also said that the Istanbul municipality has recorded 6.5cm of rainfall this morning (July 18).

Some who were caught up in the floods and were unable to swim to safety were rescued by boats.

Meanwhile routes usually taken by international shipping traffic carrying oil and grain were also suspended for many hours though the Bosphorus Strait.

Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin has warned residents not to use their cars unless it is absolutely necessary and has said there is likely to be more rain this afternoon (July 18).

Take a look at photos of the floods in the gallery above