In photos: London Zoo conducts the annual weigh-in

This gorilla is seen taking a look at the measuring device
Lions are also measured with the rather large ruler
The Humboldt penguin is seen here being weighed
Frogs are simply placed on the scales
Zookeepers don't use food to entice squirrel monkeys to the scales

One of the male gorillas, Kumbuka, weighs 191kg

Friday, August 25, 2017

Animals at London Zoo are taking part in the annual weigh-in, resulting in some pretty amazing photos.

The reason the animals are measured and weighed is so that zookeepers can keep an eye on their health, according to the BBC.

London Zoo has 20,166 animals across 698 different species, so the weigh-in is a lengthy process.

Not only does this help London Zoo look after its animals, but the information is also sent to a database for zoos around the world to use to check if their animals are healthy too.

Some of the animals are small enough to be put on the scales, whereas for others it's a little harder.

Take a look at the gallery above to see how some of the animals are weighed