In photos: Mudslides cause devastation in California as death toll rises

Mudslides and flooding in California have caused devastation
Search dogs have also been used following mudslides
A demolished house is seen in Montecito
Roads have also been flooded
A home which has been damaged by the mud
Uprooted trees and rocks are seen due to the mudslides
Cars have also been damaged by the mudslides
Cleanup operations are underway on roads

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Twenty people have now died as a result of mudslides and flooding in California, however four people, including children, are still missing.

The Santa Barbara County Coroner's Office said those who died suffered "multiple traumatic injuries due to flash flood with mudslides."

The victims are aged between three and 89 years old, according to the BBC.

During the weekend 500 more emergency workers arrived in California to help the 2,100 people already working to help those affected by the mudslides.

This includes the US Navy, US Coast Guard and American Red Cross.

The mudslides were caused by rain which arrived after wildfires raged in the area throughout December.

Fire causes a water repellent layer to form over soil, meaning rainwater sits on the ground rather than being absorbed, causing the flooding and mudslides.

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