In photos: Pro-Palestine activists use hip-hop and football to disrupt UK arms fair

Protestors stand in front of vehicles trying to bring supplies to the event (Credit: London Palestine Action)
Protestors also use large banners (Credit: London Palestine Action)
Activists take part in dabke dancing in the blockade (Credit: London Palestine Action)
Protestors have put up extra banners near the event (Credit: London Palestine Action)
Activists form a human wall against the traffic (Credit: London Palestine Action)
Police are seen at the event as a British Palestinian talks to the crowd (Credit: London Palestine Action)

London Palestine Action called on more people to join on Twitter

Monday, September 4, 2017

A group of pro-Palestine activists are protesting against arms fair Defence and Security Equipment International in London by taking part in hip-hop and football blockades.

The arms fair is set to begin next week at the ExCeL centre and it is thought more than 34,000 people will attend, according to The Guardian.

Delegations from regimes such as Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are also expected to attend alongside representatives from the world’s biggest arms companies.

London Palestine Action claims protestors have already blocked military equipment from entering the venue as they name today (September 4) 'Stop Arming Israel Day'.

The group say they are trying to shut the event down before it starts as "Israeli arms companies are preparing to showcase their ‘battle tested' weaponry at the arms fair."

Activists plan to continue protests throughout the week, including using a mobile stage for Faithless member Dave Randall to perform a DJ set on.

Performances will also include Palestinian hip-hop artists Katiba 5 as well as punk artist Efa Supertramp.

A football game is also planned where players will use large balls, in what London Palestine Action says is using "the beautiful game against ugly apartheid."

Take a look at the protests so far in the gallery above