In photos: Protestors call for independence from Catalonia for fictional province Tabarnia

Tabarnia supporters filled the streets in Barcelona
A bus was used in the protest and some stood on top of it
Many hold masks of political satirist Albert Boadella
Streets were filled up to barriers at the side of the road
Some painted their faces and used horns
One man dressed up as Saint George

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Thousands of people took to the streets of Barcelona to mock the separatist movement yesterday (March 4).

Those on the march were calling for Tabarnia to become independent from Catalonia, if it manages to become independent from Spain.

Except there's one problem. Tabarnia is actually fictional, created by putting together provinces Barcelona and Tarragona so pro-unity supporters can mock those who want independence.

Many held banners which read "Tabarnia free of populism" and "the joke is over," according to Deutsche Welle. Music was also played - the supposed anthem of Tabarnia - and flags were waved.

Miguel Martinez, the organiser of the event, told newspaper El Periodico the aim was to mirror "what the independence movement is all about" as "you can see the absurdity of their arguments."

However those who support independence for Catalonia have criticised the group for trivialising their cause.

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