In photos: Protestors take over open-pit coal mine against fossil fuels

Activists protested at a coal mine against fossil fuels
Pepper spray was used on some of the activists
Climate activists look over at a bucket excavator
Many of the activists marched through the coal mine
Some of the activists performed at the mine
Some activists sat down to secure their place
Riot police attended the scene
Some used a ditch to try and get away from police
Several banners were used during the protest

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Protestors wearing hazard suits took over an open-pit coal mine near Bonn, Germany yesterday (November 5), over climate change and the use of fossil fuels.

Those taking part were calling for coal to no longer be used as a power source, before global climate change talks started today (November 6) in Germany, according to Yahoo.

Around 200 people attended the protest which went on for several hours, however police did circle around those involved.

Banners they held included the phrases "Burn borders, not coal," "Welcome to COP23" and "Climate Justice."

Protestors included Pacific islanders where rising seas and more storms have already affected their homeland.

Zane Sikulu from Tonga said: "If we don’t shut the mines down, we have no chance. We’re here to protect our land, our culture and our identities as Pacific people."

COP23 started today (November 6) in Bonn and will run for the next two weeks where 195 nations will discuss climate change.

Donald Trump has already claimed he wants to remove America from the Paris climate deal, Reuters said.

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