In photos: Thousands march through Barcelona calling for unity

A unity march took place in Barcelona
A sign reads "now yes, yes, we will vote for real"
A woman holds a banner up in the crowd
Former European Parliament president Josep Borrell
European Union flags were also seen at the march
This sign shows Carles Puigdemont crossed out
A helicopter is seen above those taking part
Demonstrators also has large banners
Some called for the Catalan President to be put in prison

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Monday, October 30, 2017

A unity rally took place in Barcelona on Sunday (October 29) as many called for Catalonia to stay a part of Spain.

Hundreds of thousands attended after the parliament in Catalonia declared independence on Friday (October 27), according to The Evening Standard.

However, after this the Spanish government removed Carles Puigdemont from his position as Catalan President, took power away from police officials and called a snap election for the area.

The event was organised by campaign group Societat Civil Catalana and its leaders said they wanted to hit back at "an unprecedented attack in the history of democracy."

The group also claimed more than one million people attended however the police claimed attendance was actually 300,000.

The slogan of the march was "we are all Catalonia. Common sense for coexistence."

Signs held by those taking part included the phrases "the awakening of a silenced nation" and "we won't let Spain to be torn apart into pieces."

The crisis in Spain started after the Catalans held an independence referendum and clashed with police, as the government said it was not legal.

Although there was only a 43% turnout, 92% backed independence.