In photos: Thousands protest in Catalonia against jailing of eight ministers

Many protested out the Parliament of Catalonia yesterday (November 2)
Many held signs expressing their views
A man stands outside the Generalitat Palace in Barcelona
Protestors also waved flags
Many were shouting slogans
A sign saying "democracy" and a banner saying "freedom to political prisoners"
Some taped their mouths shut in protest
Police were also present at the protest
Protestors shouted slogans outside the Generalitat Palace
Protestors also used lights on their phones

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Thousands of people in Catalonia have protested against the jailing of eight former Catalan ministers, following an attempt to declare independence.

The members appeared at the High Court in Spain yesterday (November 2), accused of sedition, rebellion and embezzlement, according to the BBC.

The prosecution has also called for an arrest warrant to be issued against ex-leader Carles Puigdemont and four other regional parliament members who did not go to the High Court. The group are currently in Belgium.

Many taking part in the protest held banners which read "freedom for political prisoners" and also waved Catalan flags. ‚Äč

Catalonia held an independence referendum on October 1, however this was deemed illegal by the Spanish government leading to clashes between voters and the police.

It was claimed the results of this vote were 90% in favour of independence however there was only a 43% turnout.

Puigdemont then attempted to declare independence, however the Spanish government dissolved the parliament and has called a snap election for December.

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