In photos: Thousands of Rohingya still desperate for aid despite arrivals dropping

Thousands of Rohingya people are desperate for aid
Rohingya refugees waiting for food distribution
A boy is seen being carried by his father
Refugees are seen swimming in a canal
Refugees seen using for humanitarian aid
An area has been created for people to publicise lost children
Rohingya refugees seen reaching out for food
Rohingya refugees wash with pots of water
UN Refugee Agency tents have been set up

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Thousands of Rohingya refugees are still struggling desperately for food and essential supplies, even though the United Nations says the number of refugees arriving in Bangladesh from neighbouring Myanmar has fallen during recent days.

As the crisis continues in Myanmar, with claims that the Rohingya Muslim community is facing ethnic cleansing, refugees have flooded across the border to Bangladesh, a fellow islamic country which is sympathetic to the Rohingya cause. More than 400,000 refugees have arrived in Bangladesh, 

An analysis is taking place to identify why the number of travelling refugees has fallen. But still more than 400,000 Rohingya refugees have arrived in Bangladesh, placing a huge burden on the government in Dhaka and local aid organisations.

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