In photos: Wildfires continue to rage through California

Wildfires are raging through California
The fire burns a house down
Embers from the fire are blown around in the wind
The remains of a house are seen here
A hillside is seen burning
A resident is seen hosing down a burning palm tree
A firefighter is seen opening a gate
A man watches the fire burn on a hillside near houses
People look on at the fire burning

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wildfires in California are still raging and have so far damaged more than 65,000 acres and resulted in tens of thousands of people leaving their homes.

The fires are mainly ravaging in Ventura County but have also hit the northern and western edges of Los Angeles, according to CNN.

The spread of the fires has been blamed on strong winds hitting the area. Although the speed is said to have to decreased today (December 6) it is thought the wind may increase tomorrow and could reach speeds of up to 50 mph, meaning further spread.

A curfew has been put in place in Ventura from 10pm to 5am in an attempt to minimise the risk of crime, which could be be more likely due to the evacuation.

Some of those who are still at home are finding themselves without power as the fire has hit power lines. Last night (December 5) 43,000 homes were affected in this way.

Take a look at the fires in the gallery above