In pictures: Disney World in lockdown as Hurricane Matthew batters Florida

Disney's Magic Kingdom
Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville, Florida
St. Augustine, Florida
Singer Island, Florida
Jacksonville, Florida
Pompano beach, Florida

The storm closes in on Walt Disney World. Here the gateway to the Magic Kingdom bears the brunt (Getty)

Friday, October 7, 2016

Some of the world's most famous tourist landmarks have been evacuated as Hurricane Matthew rips through Florida.

Orlando's theme parks shut their doors as the Hurricane made landfall, with customers exiting the likes of EPCOT, Universal Studios and the Magic Kingdom in droves.

Elsewhere traffic piled up on the motorways as panicked residents attempted to flee, and pets were evacuated to safer, drier places.

Matthew reached Florida after smashing through Haiti, claiming at least 269 lives in the Caribbean according to reports.

The storm is now a catagory 3, and a federal state of emergency has been declared in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Reports claim around three million people in America were urged to evacuate and 340,000 have been left without power in Florida.

It is predicted that winds could reach more than 100 miles per hour and the storm could cause up to 15 inches of rain in Florida.

View images of the storm so far in Florida above