In pictures: Migrants begin to leave the Calais Jungle

Calais Jungle (Getty)
Final preparations (Getty)
Migrants gather (Getty)
Queuing continues (Getty)
Migrants prepare to leave (Getty)
New location (Getty)

Migrants head towards an official meeting point set by French authorities as part of the demolition of the camp

Monday, October 24, 2016

Work has begun to disperse migrants from the Calais Jungle, with more than 1,200 police and officials taking part in the operation.

Migrants have queued peacefully in order to leave the camp, and around 60 coaches of migrants have already left to take them to refugee centres across France.

The camp was home to around 7,000 people and full demolition is set to begin tomorrow.

However, concerns have been raised that some migrants may refuse to leave, as they still want to travel to Britain.

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