Piers Corbyn: Climate change is a 'false narrative'

Mr Corbyn is a denier of climate change

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn’s older brother Piers has claimed that climate change is “utter nonsense”, as environmental activists stage protests across the country.

Mr Corbyn, who is an astrophysicist, said he believed the discussion around climate change was a "false narrative".

“The whole thing is a manufactured protest and the government wants to hear these things because they have some sort of agenda of increasing taxation,” he told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham.

"The purpose of this false narrative is not to change climate, but to control you.”

His comments follow his brother Jeremy calling for more government action on tackling climate change in a tweet posted today, amid mounting pressure from environmental activism group Extinction Rebellion.

The Labour leader has also created a new role of shadow minister for climate justice, appointing Danielle Rowley to the position in June this year.

Groups of Extinction Rebellion activists have been protesting outside the government's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy today, as well as outside City Hall, in protest at the government's "inaction" on climate change.

But Mr Corbyn, who founded the weather forecasting site weatheraction.com, maintains that educating people about global warming is "brainwashing".

According to him, “carbon dioxide is the gas of life and we want more of it not less,” and secondly, “carbon dioxide levels follow temperatures, they don’t cause them.”

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