Piers Corbyn: Met Office guilty of ‘climate fraud’

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Piers Corbyn has accused the Met Office of climate "fraud", dishonesty and promoting propaganda after it reported that the 10 hottest years in the UK occurred since 2002.

The astrophysicist told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham the statistics prove "they are committing climate adjustment, otherwise known as fraud.”

“Their observation of this extra number of warm years since 2002 is that they’ve had an extra amount of climate fraud since 2002.”

He said the research replaced old weather stations which show falling temperatures with new ones reflecting rising temperatures.

“If they kept to the old data sets the real world temperatures would be half a degree, at least, cooler than now.

“This campaign to control climate by changing CO2 levels won’t achieve anything. It’s not there to control climate, it’s there to control you.”

Mr Corbyn's brother is Labour leader Jeremy, who has pledged a “Green Industrial Revolution” and called on the government to tackle the “climate change emergency.”

In his first address to the Commons, Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised the UK would lead the world in delivering net-zero carbon emissions

Piers Coryn said: “Boris, when he was more of a journalist than a politician, supported what I said and wrote some very positive things about my forecasts.

“So you’ve got to ask the question 'what does the elite want this for?' Why do they manipulate children like this? And the answer is they have an agenda.

“The certain thing they want us to believe now is that the world is ending and a lot of money needs to be spent on it - it’s a campaign for mass spending.”

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