Piers Morgan branded ‘bully’ in Twitter spat over Meghan Markle

Robert Jobson said blaming the media was 'nonsense'

Monday, January 13, 2020

Piers Morgan has been labelled a “bully” for his criticism of Meghan Markle after becoming embroiled in yet another social media debate.

The journalist came to blows with Guardian writer Carole Cadwalladr on Twitter, who accused him of “persecuting a young woman with a different skin colour” and “trolling a young mother for clicks”.

Ms Cadwalladr also referenced a collection of Mr Morgan’s newspaper columns that criticised the Duchess of Sussex, claiming he was a “bully”.

Mr Morgan hit back, saying: “Criticising tax-payer funded public figures when they are behaving badly or hypocritically is not ‘bullying’ or ‘persecuting’, as you should know given how much you do it yourself.”

It all comes after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced last week that they intended to “step back” from their roles as senior royals and work to become “financially independent”.

The controversial decision has reportedly not gone down well behind palace doors and Harry will today meet with the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William to come up with a solution.

Ms Cadwalladr criticised the press’ treatment of Meghan and argued that “Britain is crippled by its lack of a properly free & independent press”.

She said: “There are many sensible reasons not to spat with @piersmorgan. But he’s a bully in a country which has institutionalised bullying via popular press. And what’s the option? Remaining silent even when you see it disproportionately directed at women & people of colour?”

Mr Morgan rejected this assessment, saying “Oh pipe down you ludicrous creature. You dish it out on here all the time, often in a mindlessly nasty, man-hating and hysterical manner. Practice what you preach.”

Ms Cadwalladr said his response had “perfectly illustrated” her point.

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