Piers Morgan calls Theresa May a 'timid loser' on Good Morning Britain

Theresa May working to quell possible Tory rebellion over election result

The Prime Minister has been under fire since the election result last week

Monday, June 12, 2017

Piers Morgan has called Theresa May a "timid loser" on his Good Morning Britain programme as the dust continues to settle on her election disaster.

Speaking to Lord Falconer and Lord Howard, Morgan demanded to know why May hasn't yet resigned, four days after she lost her Commons majority in the snap election.

Howard, who himself stood down as Tory leader in the wake of the party's 2005 election defeat, insisted May shouldn't do the same, saying "she has a duty and responsibility to carry on."

But Morgan continued undeterred, saying Britain is now sending "Mrs Weakness" into the Brexit negotiations.

He added: “Right now, we’re looking at a timid loser. I have no confidence and she’s the wrong person."

The criticism from Morgan, one of Britain's foremost TV personalities, is a fresh headache for the embattled Prime Minister as she struggles to quell a possible rebellion by Tory MPs who remain angry over losing their parliamentary majority in last week’s election.

The Prime Minister is now believed to be working with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in order to grant her a working majority in government after the election result came back with a hung Parliament.

Now, in order to forestall a potential civil war within her own party, she has reinstated Michael Gove as environment secretary.

This follows former Chancellor George Osborne branding her “a dead woman walking” in the wake of the election result.

Several senior Conservative party members denied this, saying the MPs would rally around the Prime Minister in order to avoid a damaging leadership vote.

Boris Johnson was among the people who denied the claim of Theresa May being ousted from Downing Street.

In the Sun, the Foreign Secretary told everyone to “get a grip.”

He said now was “the time for delivery” – and how Theresa May was “the right person” for the job.