Piers Morgan: I've been able to change Donald Trump's mind

Piers Morgan: I've been able to change Donald Trump's mind

Piers Morgan recently interviewed Donald Trump

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Piers Morgan has told talkRADIO he's been able to do the apparently impossible - changing Donald Trump's mind.

The chat show star, who interviewed Trump recently, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that his comments to the US President on two major gun-related issues have resulted in policy shifts at the White House.

"The way that I've been able to tackle Trump [on gun control] has maybe changed his mindset," Morgan told us, citing as evidence the fact that he read the Republican billionaire a column, attacking the administration's plan to reverse an Obama regulation banning elephant trophy hunters from returning their 'prizes' to the US. Trump subsequently performed a complete u-turn and retweeted Trump, thanking him for the advice.

Morgan added that, in their interview in Davos, he pushed Trump on the issue of bump stocks, a controversial gun attachment which allowed Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz to convert his AR-15 assault rifle and a machine gun. Trump has now announced plans to buy bump stocks.

"[The bump stock] may be a small thing," Morgan continued, "but actually it's more, already, if he gets that through, than anything Barack Obama achieved on gun control in eight years."

Althugh Trump supports the second amendment, which enshrines the right of Americans to bear arms, Morgan said his links to the US gun lobby could actually enable him to yield real change. 

Morgan was inundated with criticism for his interview with Trump at the World Economic Forum, but he told Julia that engaging with the Republican billionaire, trying to talk him around, is far better than "lying on the floor, kicking and screaming" against him.

"He's essentially a business guy," Morgan said, "and if you want to do business, you've got to do business with him."

Celebrities and serial killers

Our guest also discussed his new show, Serial Killer with Piers Morgan, in which he chats to some of the world's most dangerous people.

Morgan described the apparent innocence of many of his interviewees, which provided a "chilling" effect. He added that he likes covering both ends of the journalistic spectrum, interviewing celebrities like Pamela Anderson on the one hand and mass murderers on the other.

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