Piers Morgan tells Julia to 'stop being pompous' in row over Donald Trump 'p***y' comments

Piers Morgan: 'Donald Trump isn't that right-wing, don't believe the media spin'

Piers Morgan thought Julia was being 'pompous' in her view of Donald Trump and his comments

Friday, January 20, 2017

Piers Morgan has suggested Julia Hartley-Brewer should "stop being so pompous" in her criticism of Donald Trump and his comments on women.

The TV star made the comments during the second part of his interview with talkRADIO this morning on the eve of Mr Trump's inauguration.

Morgan, a personal friend of Trump, took umbrage when Julia criticised the President-elect for his views on women and his recent remarks about groping them.

Julia said she preferred not to spend time with groping men, but Morgan told her to "come off it", adding that a lot of British politicians in the House of Commons would make Mr Trump "look like a shrinking violent."

Morgan also criticised Julia for joining in the popular criticism of Mr Trump, and they had a dispute about the provenance of Mr Trump's seminal book, the Art of the Deal, with Julia insisting it was written by someone else.

You can listen to the exchange above. Please be advised that some viewers may find certain language heard in the audio clip offensive.

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