Piers Morgan: 'Trump's not a right-wing monster and we must stop abusing him'

Trump has compiled a hugely impressive Cabinet, says Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan says Donald Trump is far less right-wing than his popular caricature suggests

Friday, January 20, 2017

Piers Morgan spoke to talkRADIO this morning about his close friendship with Donald Trump and suggested it's time the people of Britain give the soon-to-be US President a chance.

Morgan, one of the most prominent TV personalities in both Britain and America, spoke to talkRADIO hours before Mr Trump is sworn in as President in Washington. The pair have struck up a strong relationship in recent months; indeed Morgan reckons he spent more time on the phone with Mr Trump than Theresa May after the billionaire's shock election victory in November.

In the first part of his interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer, Morgan was quizzed as to why he won't be attending today's inauguration. He replied "I don't need to. I'll go and see him at the White House, that'll be a lot more fun."

Turning to Mr Trump's impending administration, Morgan said that the Republican isn't as right-wing as the caricature created by the media, and certainly isn't the "monster" some claim him to be.

He added: "The guy's a businessman and he's filled the cabinet, not with career politicians or diplomats, but with some of the biggest dealmaking killers and military leaders imaginable. It's an incredibly impressive array of people.

"Do not underestimate Trump, he's a brilliant delegator and he's a brilliant businessman. It's time to put aside all this mockery, abuse, treating him like a joke. The guy is, as of now, the most powerful man on earth and it's in British interests to form a close relationship with him.

"I don't support things that I find personally offensive... [but] I take Trump on what he does. It's more prudent to give him an open mind."

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