Piers Morgan vs Katie Hopkins: Mail columnists clash over Westminster attacks

Piers Morgan vs Katie Hopkins - GMB host insists columnist is wrong after Fox news interview

Morgan wrote a defiant column in response to Katie Hopkins' interview with Fox News

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Piers Morgan has written an impassioned response to Katie Hopkins after the latter suggested London was "afraid and disunited" in the wake of the Westminster terror attack. 

Hopkins, a columnist for the Daily Mail Online, wrote a column for the website expressing her fears the United Kingdom was broken, and multiculturalism wasn't working. 

Later, in an interview with Fox News, she claimed London was "afraid and disunited" - much to the defiance of Londoners, who took to Twitter to repudiate her views.

Morgan, also a Mail Online Columnist and a host of ITV's Good Morning Britain, has disputed this in a passionate column on the site.

In the piece, entitled 'You're wrong, Katie Hopkins', he pointed out that the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Britain live peacefully and implied that columnists like Hopkins are whipping up anti-Muslim sentiment.

Morgan wrote: "After the attack, some of my fellow countrymen, including my Mail Online colleague Katie Hopkins, suggested this was evidence London has fallen apart.

"That this great multi-cultural city, rammed full with 12 million people from all countries, colours and creeds, has been turned into an uninhabitable hellhole of extremism because we lost control of our borders and let in – and I paraphrase - 'too many bloody foreigners'.

"For bloody foreigners, read 'bloody Muslims'."

He also said "Londoners won't cow" to "scumbags" and "callous bastards," and said the people of Britain will instead "keep calm and carry on."

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