Playboy model Jaylene Cook angers Maori tribe by posing naked on New Zealand mountain

Playboy model angers Maori tribe by posing naked on top of mountain in New Zealand

Jaylene Cook posted the picture on Instagram, to the anger of local residents

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Playboy model has angered local members of the Maori tribe after posing nude on a volcano in New Zealand. 

Jaylene Cook climbed Mount Taranaki on the north island of the country, and then posted this picture on Instagram to celebrate her acheivement.

The top of the volcano is a sacred site for the Maori tribe, considered to be a burial ground for their ancestors. As such, this picture has been branded insensitive by members.

Cook has refuted the criticism, however, saying she had done research into the cultural context of the site before taking the photo. 

This is not the first time controversy has been caused by nude photos on mountaintops.

In June 2015, tourists climbing Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia caused outrage among local people after posing nude on the summit.