PM labels Extinction Rebellion protesters ‘uncooperative crusties’

The action is set to last for two weeks

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Boris Johnson has called for Extinction Rebellion protesters to stop blocking London’s streets, branding them “uncooperative crusties” who were “littering the road”.

The Prime Minister appealed to the climate change activists to abandon their “hemp-smelling bivouacs” and allow the capital to run smoothly once again.

Around 30,000 people are predicted to descend on the city’s roads today for the second day of a two-week protest, demanding the government take action on the “climate crisis”.

The Metropolitan Police said the first day of demonstrations had seen 280 arrests made, more than double the 122 arrested on the first day of the organisation’s first major rallies in April.

Mr Johnson addressed the protests while speaking at a launch event for a biography of Margaret Thatcher, who he described as “a true feminist, green and revolutionary who changed the world for the better”.

He said the former Prime Minister had taken the issue of greenhouse gases seriously long before 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg was born.

Mr Johnson added: “I hope that when we go out from this place tonight and we are waylaid by importunate nose-ringed climate change protesters, we remind them that [Mrs Thatcher] was also right about greenhouse gases.”

The Prime Minister said his security staff had advised him not to attend the event “because they said the road was full of uncooperative crusties and protesters of all kinds littering the road”.

Many of London’s major roads and bridges continue to be closed as demonstrations take place.

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