PM Theresa May should 'compliment President Hollande's haircut' to get better Brexit deal, says Telegraph's Peter Foster

'Theresa May should compliment President Hollande's haircut if she needs to', says journalist Peter Foster

Prime minister Theresa May is touring Europe this week

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Theresa May's tour of Europe's major powers could prove crucial in Britain gaining a good deal after leaving the European Union, the European editor of The Telegraph, Peter Foster, has told talkRADIO. 

With Brexit looming, the prime minister visited German leader Angela Merkel on Wednesday and today heads to Paris for a meeting with French president François Hollande.

"If we want a deal, it's absolutely imperative that Theresa May gets Angela Merkel onside and uses that relationship," Foster told Julia Hartley-Brewer.

"Not to wave a magic wand and get Britain everything it wants, but to keep this process well-mannered, calm and constructive.

"Theresa May wasn't part of [the Leave campaign] and that is a huge plus - she can say 'look I kept my cool, don't worry about the people who stepped over the line'.

"[President Hollande] is trying to really position himself as a tough guy who can face down the Brits and make sure the Brits suffer. 

"She needs to let it work itself out, don't rise to it, compliment Mr Hollande on his €10,000-a-month haircut if she needs to."

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