PM: We are taking every reasonable step to prepare for second wave

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Boris Johnson has told MPs the government is “getting on with implementing preparations” to prevent the NHS being overwhelmed by a winter spike in coronavirus cases.

The Prime Minister was challenged at the despatch box by Sir Keir Starmer over a scientific report that said Covid-19 could kill 120,000 people in hospital in a worst case scenario.

The Labour leader pressed his rival over whether he had read the report, which was commissioned by the government’s chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance.

It advised that action must be taken over July and August to mitigate the potential for a winter peak, when the NHS will also have to deal with seasonal pressures like flu.

Mr Johnson responded: “I am of course aware of the report and we are of course taking every reasonable step to prepare this country for a second spike.

“It is up to him either to get behind what the government is doing or not.”

Turning the spotlight back on his opponent, the Conservative leader accused Sir Keir of “knocking the confidence” of the British public because of his scrutiny of the NHS Test and Trace system.

The Opposition leader replied: “It’s perfectly possible to support track and trace and point out the problems.

“Standing up every week and saying it’s a stunning success is kidding no one.”

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