PMQs: Jeremy Corbyn blasted for 'missing open goal' on Government NI U-turn

PMQs: Jeremy Corbyn blasted for missing open goal over Government's National Insurance U-turn

Jeremy Corbyn has been blasted for his PMQs performance

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn has been mocked on Twitter for failing to capitalise on the Government's U-turn on National Insurance.

Minutes before today's session of Prime Minister's Questions, the Government announced that it will not be imposing an increase in National Insurance for the self-employed.

Mr Corbyn did mention the embarassing volte-face, however he has been heavily criticised for leading his questioning with schools funding and social care and only getting to the issue of NICs later in the session.

The Labour leader's more moderate colleague, Yvette Cooper, fared rather better, suggesting the Government has done a "£2 billion Budget U-turn."

Many subsequently suggested this is a question Mr Corbyn should have asked. 

Many have reacted to the event on Twitter, see their views below